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CREATE in the News

11-07-2017: MIPRC supports region’s INFRA grant application to untangle Chicago’s railroads

05-29-2017: CREATE is a vital plan for freight

03-30-2017: Can We Make Chicago’s Trains Run on Time?

02-27-2017: Senator Tammy Duckworth Hosts Transportation Roundtable in Chicago

02-27-2017: Duckworth: I'll work with Trump on transportation spending plan

07-25-2016: After 13 years of collaboration and determination, CREATE partners continue to take on Chicago’s tangled rail network

07-21-2016: Business Insider - This spot in Chicago is the epitome of a more than $100 billion problem facing America

10-02-2015: Crains: What Will it Take to Unclog Chicago’s Creaky Rail Network?

08-11-2015: The Wall Street Journal

07-2015: Trains

05-06-2015: Chicago Business

10-26-2014: Financial Post

10-24-2014: Financial Post

12-15-2014: Metra, freight railroads push project to untangle rail corridor

12-09-2014: MPC Roundtable—CREATE: Freight Driving the Economy (full event video)

03-19-2014: RT&S: CREATE keeps Chicago rail moving

02-27-2014: Chicago Tribune: Increased Investment in Local Transportation

10-1-2013: Civil Engineering

9-30-2013: Railway Age

9-25-2013: Blue Island rail project to smooth freight traffic

4-17-2013: Creating a better rail hub: interview with William C. Thompson

7-3-2012: Progressive Railroading

5-20-2012: USA Today

5-7-2012: The New York Times

11-29-2011: Railway Observer

10-10-2011: Englewood Flyover Groundbreaking (video source: ABC channel 7)

8-2011: Trains

6-24-2011: Progressive Railroading

6-24-2011: Belmont Underpass (GS 7) video

6-23-2011: Chicago Sun Times

6-22-2011: Chicago Tribune

6-20-2011: Chicago Tribune

12-15-2010: Railway Technology

11-2010: Railway Track & Structures

9-9-2010: Chicago Tribune

9-2010: CE News

9-2010: Progressive Railroading

7-23-2010: Progressive Railroading

7-22-2010: Journal of Commerce

5-1-10: High Speed Funds Granted/CREATE Wins Big with TIGER

3-18-10: Railway Track and Structures

3-08-10: Crains

2-25-10: New York Times

2-16-10: Crains

1-4-10: Journal of Commerce: Chicago Program Opens New Rail Link

10-09: Trains: CREATE Backers Inch Ahead

07-15-09: The Wall Street Journal: Rail Funds Give Chicago Hub a Lift

07-16-09: Forbes: New Rail Money to Put the "Go" back in Chicago

04-21-09: PBS News Hour with Jim Lehrer: Freight Bottlenecks Hinder U.S. Potential

04-20-09: Journal of Commerce - Untangling the Chicago Knot

12-11-08: U.S. News and World Report December 15/December 22, 2008

12-08-08: Journal of Commerce

07-07-08: Journal of Commerce

05-28-08: US rail network facing congestion 'calamity'

02-21-08: Crain's Chicago Business

02-21-08: Atlantic-Clogged Arteries

01-28-08: Engineering News Record

01-14-08: Crains Chicago Business

11-30-2007: Progressive Railroading

09-10-07: Logistics Today Interview 

09-06-07: Franklin Park: Construction Complete 

08-27-07: Chicago Sun Times - A Grand Plan

07-16-07:  Chicago Tribune

04-02-07:  Urban Land - LandWrites

03-02-07: Rockford Register Star

03-01-07: Trains Magazine

02-28-07: The State Journal Register

02-28-07: WBBM Radio

02-27-07: Indiana Economic Digest

02-16-07: Progressive Railroading

02-13-07: First Federal Funds Released for CREATE Program