"I am fully in favor of CREATE.  Our freight system and our intermodal system is one of the hidden gems of the Chicago economy. It produces an enormous amount of economic activity in this region."  

– Barack Obama, 2004, Illinois campaign for U.S. Senator, debate sponsored by the Metropolitan Planning Council.

"The CREATE Program will provide substantial benefits to Chicago-area residents and the entire nation.  This investment ensures that northern Illinois continues to reap the jobs and economic benefits associated with being the nation's transportation hub.  And more importantly for my constituents, CREATE will shorten commute times on the roads and rails, cut emissions from stalled vehicles, and improve commuter safety."

– U.S. Representative Dan Lipinski (D-Illinois)

"Railroads are both the foundation and the future of the economy in the Chicago region.  With CREATE, we can more fully utilize the rail assets we have and be well positioned to take advantage of anticipated growth.  Without CREATE, we will surely lose to those communities that are willing to make the necessary investments."

– Illinois State Representative Elaine Nekritz (D-District 57)

"[U.S. Representative James Oberstar (D-Minnesota)] is high on CREATE, saying it would unclog a national chokepoint and cut transport costs, traffic delays, and pollution."

– U.S. News and World Report, December 22, 2008 Link to US.News Article

"The CREATE program will improve freight and passenger rail flow through the hub of the nation.  If the P4 Project (Grand Crossing) to install a new connection between the Canadian National and Norfolk Southern railroads is completed, it will provide a new route into and out of Chicago's Union station, eliminating 10 to 15 minutes from Amtrak schedules on the Illini Corridor.  Fast, reliable Amtrak service is critical to the residents and businesses of Centralia, Illinois.  Shorter and more reliable Amtrak trips provide improved access to our community for tourists, businesspeople, and other visitors, as well as an important transportation option for our residents traveling to Chicago and other cities along the corridor."

– Mayor Rebecca Ault,  Centralia, IL Link to Centralia Letter

“Chicago is in danger of becoming a bottleneck in the nation's transportation system, and that would have serious consequences –- not just for this city, but for the entire nation."

– Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley