November 2008

In This Issue

New CREATE Materials Released

Three CREATE Projects Completed

Six CREATE Projects Under Construction

New CREATE Materials Released

CREATE has developed new fact sheets summarizing key benefits of the program, including:

To access the fact sheets visit:  CREATE Benefits Sheets.

Three CREATE Projects Completed

As of October 2008, three CREATE projects have been completed:

Six CREATE Projects Under Construction

As of October 2008, six CREATE projects are under construction:

To see a summary of the status of all projects in the CREATE program, visit Project Status Summary.

CREATE Timeline

CREATE has made significant progress on a large number of the 78 projects in the Program. As of October 2008, 43 projects have entered Phase I engineering. To see a timeline documenting major CREATE milestones, visit: CREATE Timeline

Doing Business with CREATE

Bid awards are now being posted to the CREATE website.

To receive notification when a new bid solicitation is posted, send an email to with "Procurement Notification" in the subject line.   For more information, go to Doing Business with CREATE.

Did You Know?

Each day, 37,500 railcars travel through the Chicago hub. By 2020, the number is expected to increase to 67,000 per day. Map of Forecasted Railcar Volume 2005-2035

CREATE Partners



Belt Railway Company of Chicago

Canadian Pacific


Chicago Department of Transportation


Illinois Department of Transportation

Indiana Harbor Belt


Norfolk Southern

Union Pacific