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A few of the CREATE projects have their own project-specific websites. Please see the websites listed below for more information about these projects.

CREATE Program 75th Street Corridor Improvement Project Draft Environmental Impact Statement – March 28, 2014 Cook County, Illinois

75th Street Corridor Improvement Project.  Six major railroads—two passenger and four freight—pass through the Chicago neighborhoods of Ashburn, Englewood, Auburn Gresham, and Chatham. These railroads cross at several points within the area. The crossings result in congestion and delays. This project will consider alternatives such as rail-rail flyovers to reduce this conflict.

For information about the Grand Crossing Rail Project, CREATE Project P4, please see the project website at www.grandcrossingrail.com

For information on the Central Avenue/Belt Railway of Chicago Railroad Grade Separation Study (GS2) please see the project website at www.centralbrc.org/

For information on the Archer Ave/Kenton Ave (GS9) project, please see the project website at http://www.archerbrc.com/

For information on the Columbus Ave/Maplewood Ave (GS11) project, please see the project website at http://www.columbusbrc.org/

The Illinois Department of Transportation is conducting a preliminary engineering and environmental study that considers improvements to IL 43 (Harlem Avenue) between 63rd Street and 65th Street, which could include grade separation of the BRC railroad crossings. More information on this project, which is also referred to as the CREATE project GS1, please check out the project website at www.il43study.org.