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75th CIP Planned

WA4 Under Construction

Choke-Point Chicago - National Post

Englewood Flyover

75th Street Corridor Improvement

Grand Crossing

CREATE: Keeping Chicagoland at the nexus of America's freight network

MPC Roundtable – CREATE: Freight Driving the Economy

This video shows how rail freight travels from Los Angeles to Chicago and underscores the need for CREATE improvements to handle goods destined to the Midwest and other destinations.
LAtitude – Chicago! Chicago!

CREATE Overview Video

Click on a video to hear how CREATE is benefitting passenger rail, freight rail and highways.

Passenger Rail –
Amtrak - Mike Franke
Metra - Dave Rodriguez

City and State Transportation Agencies –
Chicago Department of Transportation - Jeff Sriver
Illinois Department of Transportation - Joe Shacter

Freight Rail –
Association of American Railroads - Bill Thompson
Belt Railway of Chicago - Pat O’Brien
BNSF - Dave Davenport
CN - Chad Becker
CSX- Scott Kuhner
CSX - Andy Daly
CSX - David Clark
Indiana Harbor Belt Railroad - Phil Oresik
UP - Dave Grewe

Bill Thompson

Dave Grewe

Dave Davenport

Scott Kuhner

Pat O’brien

Mike Franke

Joe Shacter

Jeff Sriver

David Clark

Dave Rodriguez

Andy Daly

Phil Oresik

Chad Becker